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It is a disease of gastrointestinal track, due to abnormal secretion of gastric and pancreatic enzymes. In medical science it is described as Acid Peptic Disorder (APD). In Ayurveda it is described as Amlapitta. It is quite common disease prevailing all over the world. The drug manufacturing companies earning a lot from this segment. In Indian medical science so many home remedies and formulations were described for the management of Hyper Acidity.

Causes of Hyper Acidity:

Excessive intake of acidic substance.
Excessive intake of tea Excessive intake of tobbacco.
Excessive intake of alcohol Irregular diet intake.
Excessive spicy food intake.
Excessive fast food intake Stressful life style.
Excessive intake of fry foods.
Excessive anxiety It is common in people taking more chills.
Excessive intake of hot drinks.

Symptoms of Hyper Acidity:

1. Gas in stomach just feeling like that abdomen is full of gas and it is most common symptom described by any patient.
2. Bloating, is a condition in which the abdomen feels uncomfortably full and tight and may be visibly swollen (distended).
3. Stomach Pain, most common symptom but for doctors it can be a difficult to diagnose.
4. There are a variety of causes, and examples include angina, gallstones, food poisoning, gallstones etc.
5. Burning in Stomach, a common symptom but it should be always remember that a burning sensation in the stomach can be a sign of digestive problems like gastritis,

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